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People moving to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio at higher rates than Austin, report finds

All four big cities continue to show growth, the report found.

AUSTIN, Texas — While nothing seems to be stopping Austin's growth, it appears other Texas cities are now growing at a faster rate.

According to a report from the moving and storage company PODS, Dallas had the second-largest growth change in the nation compared to its rank last year. Meanwhile, Houston came in at No. 12, San Antonio was No. 13 and Austin ranked at No. 16.

"Again, taking a look at moving trends and patterns, it’s no surprise Texas is moving up in the ranks. Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio also offer up the promise of an affordable cost of living, plenty of sunshine, and access to nature and wide open spaces," wrote Alex Keight of PODS. "Like Florida, Texas is also one of the nine U.S. states that doesn’t have state income tax, giving those who move there an additional budget boost."

The report cites data from the Texas Real Estate Research Center, showing that the state's housing market is now surging with demand. That, coinciding with lower housing inventory, has been a contributor in the spike in housing prices of 2021. Supply chain issues and a buying spree has also caused an inventory decrease.

According to PODS, these four Texas cities also saw an increase in new housing starts. Those numbers jumped 29.6% in San Antonio, 28.3% in Dallas-Fort Worth, 12.6% in Houston and 22.9% in Austin

To view PODS's full report, click here.


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