AUSTIN -- The parents of a 14-month-old girl who died during a dental procedure in Northwest Austin Tuesday morning said they are still in shock, and surrounded by family and close friends who are trying to help them cope.

Betty Squier and Elizandro Torres' daughter Daisy Lynn Torres was supposed to have two cavities fixed at Austin Children's Dentistry early Tuesday morning under general anesthesia.

After she went under anesthesia, Betty says the dentist came out and told her they needed to do additional dental work.

"They told me to sit down with her so they could put her under and they told me to leave the room so I left the room. About 10 or 15 minutes into her procedure, the dentist came back, because originally she was only supposed to be going for two cavities, and he said I'm going to go ahead and do six. I'm going to do four crowns on top and two at the bottom,” Squier said.

Squier said she trusted the dentist was making the right decisions for her baby.

A short time later, they alerted her that Daisy Lynn had gone into cardiac arrest.

Squier told KVUE by the time EMS crews got to the hospital, Daisy Lynn was brain dead.

The family is still waiting for answers from the medical examiner as to what happened while Daisy Lynn was under anesthesia.

For now, they're trying to make funeral arrangements to bury her in Houston where their families live.

Squier said the public’s response is also helping them through this nightmare.

"I just want everyone to know that we're very thankful for everyone that's supporting us through this difficult time, and everyone's prayers and comments and uplifting words has really made an impact, and it's something that we really need right now,” she said.

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