TEMPLE, Texas — The parents of two friends from Temple who’ve been missing for nearly a week continue to wait and worry.

It's a nightmare they just can't wake up from.

“We can't do anything but worry about where our kids are,” Deborah Harrison, Michael Swearingin's mom, said.

Standing outside her son's newly purchased home in Temple, Harrison said she can't function without knowing where her son is.

“My husband died three years ago and [Michael] was my rock, and he's been my rock ever since,” Harrison said.

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Michael Swearingin and Jenna Scott, longtime friends who met in college, both went missing Friday and police found Michael's car in Austin over the weekend.

“It's been a long week – a lot of sleepless nights,” Jonathan Scott, Jenna’s dad, said.

Scott's parents, Jonathan and Karen, said the last time they heard from her was last Thursday. 

On Tuesday, police arrested Scott’s ex-boyfriend in Michigan on a separate charge. He's accused of breaking into Scott’s home in August.

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“It's not a secret Jenna had been in a very bad relationship,” Jonathan said.

KVUE asked him if he thought something like this would ever happen. Jonathan said, “We knew it was a possibility.”

They said she feared for her life. 

Right now, there are no suspects, but Harrison believes whoever did it took the two from Swearingin's home.

“He has tools and stuff, but that was all removed from his trunk and left in his garage,” Harrison said.

Plus, she said recordings from his home surveillance were deleted and his dog was left without any food or water. She’s also concerned because on Friday when he was reported missing, people received text messages from Swearingin and Scott but said they didn’t sound like themselves. 

She thinks it was somebody else using their phones.

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“Come home to us, son. Nanny and papa need you, we all need you,” Harrison said.

Now left passing out fliers, both families are doing whatever they can to get them both back alive.

“This is just wrong, and we just pray that whoever took our children, that God will soften their heart and will call -- an anonymous tip even -- to tell us where the kids are because we can’t go on,” Harrison said. “Life is standing still for us. It just hurts tremendously.”

“We’re very hopeful that they’re still somewhere, here or Austin, we don’t know where and they’re alive, maybe not well – it’s been a week. If they haven’t had water or food they’re not going to be in very good shape," Jonathan said. "But if they’re alive, we’ll be blessed."