A coalition of University of Texas parents is outraged after members said UT administrators failed them and their students.

Their grievance revolves around 57-year-old Richard Morrisett, a professor who pleaded guilty to domestic violence in 2016 in an off-campus incident. According to KVUE's news partners at the Austin American-Statesman, Morrisett pleaded guilty to a felony charge of strangling his girlfriend to the point that she saw “stars."

Joell McNew is one of the founding members of SafeHorns, a group of parents committed to the safety of students on and off campus. She's also the mother of a UT junior.

"Why is it that this professor had no action taken against him? It's very concerning." said McNew. "The point is his crimes and the way it was handled don't match policy."

McNew thinks university leaders should have disciplined Morrisett, a tenured professor at the College of Pharmacy.

"We think there should have been action taken," she said.

But UT spokesperson J.B. Bird told KVUE News that university administrators did what they could at the time by following current policies and rules. He said there was no relation between how the professor acted in this situation and how he acted on campus, and as a result, he was allowed to continue his teaching.

He added that that's why UT President Gregory Fenves issued a policy review on Friday.

"The president explained how this incident was handled based on the policies and rules that we have in place and he said he wants those reviewed in the next two months so that the university can take more decisive action on off-campus behavior," said Bird.

The review comes after the Statesman first reported on Morrisett last week.

But the news comes on the heels of a situation at Michigan State. The school's leaders stand accused of doing nothing as Dr. Larry Nassar abused 150 young women.

And just last week, a Baylor University graduate sued it's alma mater after claiming she was raped by some of its football players in 2013, while school officials knew and did nothing. It's a scandal that took down an entire football program.

The president's review will take about two months.