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Pay It Forward: The people doing something special in our community this year

Here is a look back at a year with those who are paying it forward.

AUSTIN, Texas — Every month, KVUE honors someone who's doing something special in our community. Here is a look back at a year with those who are paying it forward.

Pay It Forward: TeleHealth Access for Seniors

This year, our typical doctor visits changed from in-person to virtual. But for many older adults, they were more comfortable going to the doctor's office rather than having a video chat. 

Fortunately, students at Westwood High School are there to help.

Pay It Forward: Pflugerville teacher Margaret Olivarez

This year has no doubt been tough for education. 

Many campuses had to tackle the difficult task of making sure every student had the right equipment to learn from home. But, thankfully, over at Copperfield Elementary in Pflugerville ISD, one teacher made it easy.

Pay It Forward: IDEA Rundberg principal awarded after giving cafeteria staff well-deserved thank you

Another challenge this year was making sure students had meals to eat while at home. A large part of making that happen was because of the cafeteria staff. 

The principal at IDEA Rundberg acknowledged that and showed his appreciation in a very special way.

Pay It Forward: Ilker Yilmaz, Cedar Park principal teaching kindness and humanity

We certainly can't even begin to thank our educators for all that they've done this year. 

Many of them adapted, encouraged and showed kindness to our students during a very trying time, and that includes one Cedar Park principal.

Pay It Forward: Erwin Ballarta is supporting fallen first responders in an unusual way

There's no doubt our law enforcement officers are courageous. They face danger head-on to protect the community. 

But who's there to protect their families if they don't make it home? 

One Austin man is doing his part and paying it forward – through coffee.

Pay It Forward: Ashley Salazar, an Austin business owner helping the homeless

In trying times, kindness shines. 

Ashley Salazar is no stranger to kindness but, this year, it's what she did that inspired others along the way.

Pay It Forward: Douglas Kuehn, showing appreciation for service workers

Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes. 

But, in this case, one Austin man is using a square box to show his appreciation for our service workers during this pandemic.

Pay It Forward: Taylor man sharing his love of tennis with others

Persistence, hard work and commitment – sports teach life lessons. 

It sure helped one man in Taylor, who's now passing on his love of tennis to others.


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