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Pay It Forward: Lindsey Ramrez, a school counselor, is devoted to serving students' emotional needs

A compassionate counselor plays a pivotal role in students' success in school and in life.

AUSTIN, Texas — At times in life, it may seem like the cards at stacked against you. But that's what Lindsey Ramrez is there for. 

"We have little tools, you know, to help you to calm down during the day. 'Do you need to self-advocate more and talk to your teacher about what you need during the day?'" asked Lindsey Ramrez.

Ramrez is a counselor for Austin Independent School District. She covers a lot of ground – both literally and figuratively. 

"I'm at Mills Elementary, Oak Hill Elementary, Small Middle School and at Bowie High School," she said.

Students face many obstacles. There's academic expectations, social pressures and even transitioning to a new grade can be stressful. But COVID-19 has served up an additional challenge like no other. 

"They're worried about coming back to school and wearing masks and all that is normal for adults to helping them to understand why we have certain safety in place and then just reiterating that they're safe," she added.

Ramrez encourages her students to take a breath and follow the different techniques and coping skills they practice together. She recalls the progress she recently made with one child.

"Whenever I took him back to class the other day, usually, he was kind of reluctant to go back, and he looked back at me. He walked on his own and he said, 'OK, see you next week, miss you.' And it just, it made my day because it just showed that, you know, he's utilizing the skills he's maturing. And it wasn't about him needing to cling on to me, it was about him flourishing in his classroom," said Ramrez.

She is devoted to serving students' emotional needs. She said it's easy to stick to the plan when you've got supportive teachers and administrators on campus.

"We're a team. I think that's how it works because if we can just support the child and their whole needs I think we're giving them a good foundation," she said.

Ramrez loves what she does and it shows. KVUE and Charles Maund Toyota awarded her with $1,000 for paying it forward. There's a lot to be said about her dedication. 

She's making a world of difference in the lives of countless students. 

Do you know a Good Samaritan who goes above and beyond helping others? KVUE and Charles Maund Toyota want to help you Pay It Forward. Tell us who you want to help. Let us know why they are a good candidate, and why they deserve a boost. Submit a nomination here.

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