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Pay It Forward: Karen Cole with Lizzy’s Animal Hospice

Karen Cole of Dripping Springs helps older and sick dogs find loving homes.

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — Dogs provide so much love and comfort. They’re part of our families. But, unfortunately, many of them wind up in shelters for one reason or another. 

One Dripping Springs woman is coming to their rescue. 

Karen Cole might as well wear a cape. If there’s a dog in need, she’ll swoop in and save the day. 

“I love animals, I love dogs and I love seniors,” she said. “Ninety-eight percent of the dogs we get [are] from kill shelters. There are exceptions that we'll take in.”

As the founder of Lizzy’s Animal Hospice in Dripping Springs, Cole makes sure all dogs have a chance – even the older ones. 

"There’s a need in the shelters because those are the ones that are still there because everybody's getting the puppies and the younger dogs. And so people are just dumping their older to get younger," Cole said. "I just think it's not fair because they're so great and they deserve a chance."

Her goal is to get senior dogs into loving homes with fosters so they can relax, be happy and be part of a family. 

“It’s about making sure the dog has a good quality end of life. They just want to be next to you," Cole said.

Lisa Nutt loves fostering through Lizzy’s Hospice. 

“Lizzy’s is basically a one-woman show and Karen does everything, you know. It's very clear what she is passionate about, and she's great at it. She knows what she's doing,” Nutt said.

Aside from older dogs, Cole also takes in terminally ill dogs and dogs with special needs. 

“We took a six-month-old that had a hole in her heart, and she lived for six months, but she had a good six months,” Cole said. 

“I have Bucky right now. He's a two-year-old pit bull who only has three legs. So, he's a great dog,” Nutt said. 

Cole makes those connections – and the community is taking note. KVUE and Charles Maund Toyota awarded her $1,000 for paying it forward. 

“That's really appreciated, especially since I just got in a car accident. I was going to pick up a dog in Pleasanton and a lady came from a side street and just slammed into me, and it happened to be my birthday,” Cole said. 

A lot of people reached out to KVUE to tell us about Cole’s incident and why she is so deserving of the money. She used that car for trips to the vet to get dogs much-needed surgeries. 

“She'll provide anything that you need for the dog. A bed, food, even medication,” Nutt said. 

But the good you do in life comes back to you. Cole is getting a bit of help herself after paying it forward – one paw at a time. 

“I've found a niche for people to want older dogs and love older dogs like I do," Cole said.

Lizzy’s Animal Hospice is privately funded and relies on donations. The organization is always in search of fosters. To learn more, visit their website.


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