AUSTIN — Three years ago on Aug. 3, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was indicted for security fraud. And his democratic opponent isn't going to let him forget it.

In 2015, Paxton was accused of misleading investors in a company before he was named attorney general and was arrested and booked into a jail.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's criminal trial set for Dec. 11

Paxton appears in Houston court in securities fraud case

To "celebrate" Paxton's indictment "birthday," his opponent -- Justin Nelson -- released a YouTube video campaign ad Thursday titled, "How to bake an indictment birthday cake." The video, a fake baking tutorial, takes several shots at Paxton.

Nelson captioned the video, "On August 3rd, 2015, Indicted Ken Paxton was arrested, booked, and had his mugshot taken. Since Paxton's criminal charges just turned three, here's a delicious way to celebrate their birthday!"

Paxton -- who has pleaded not guilty -- has not gone to trial, but he could face up to 99 years in prison if he's convicted.