On the day the Senate voted on President Donald Trump's controversial pick for secretary of Education, a Facebook post from U.S. Sen. John Cornyn went viral for the wrong reasons.

In the note posted Monday on Facebook, Cornyn said, "This week I'll be voting to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education." Along with a photo of the two of them during a meeting, Cornyn goes on to say, "Power over education should be handed back down to the states, so that parents and teachers can choose how best to accomplish our universal goal of making sure every child has a good education.

"Ms. DeVos will lead this effort, so that parents, teachers and our local school districts will have a greater role in these important decisions," he said.

The post has garnered over 28,000 reactions and 26,000 comments. The majority of the comments in the thread come from constituents against his decision. The top comment is from Michael Stejskal, a "lifelong Republican" and "true conservative," who said he is no longer voting for Cornyn.

Sarah Finley pitched in, saying, "I'm your constituent and I disagree with this decision. She is not capable of or qualified to represent the best interests of the state of Texas."

As the post makes the rounds, constituents have reached out to KVUE saying that they can't get ahold of Cornyn to voice their opinion. We called Cornyn's Texas office at 512-469-6034 Tuesday morning and got an answer after a few rings.

When we asked a spokesperson why people were saying they couldn't get through or leave a voicemail, she said that the office can receive as many as several thousand phone calls, voicemails and emails per day. That can jam their phone lines.

Cornyn is not the only senator being inundated with calls. According to KVUE's sister station in Dallas, one congressional aide said calls are coming in at a rate many haven't seen since the biggest issues of the Obama administration.

But the spokesperson said their legislative staff reviews and responds to every written correspondence, including emails, snail mail and faxes. When a person requests a response through a voice mail, the staff also tries to get back to them.