AUSTIN -- Authorities have decided to not pursue charges against Peaceful Streets Project founder Antonio Buehler after his August arrest downtown, a joint statement from the Austin Police Department and the Travis County Attorney's Office reports.

The statement reads in part, "although the Travis County Attorney's Office believes that APD had probable cause to make the arrest, given previous determinations by Travis County Grand Juries, they do not believe they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt."

According to an affidavit that details the arrest from Aug. 2, the officer said the problem started with a fight outside Burnside's bar. As officers responded, the affidavit states that Buehler's group got in the way, "blocking my path." The affidavit claims that Buehler's presence delayed response time and added to pedestrian traffic on the already packed 6th Street. Police booked Buehler into the Travis County Jail that night for allegedly interfering with public duties and for resisting arrest.

Before his arrest, the statement claims that police officers explained to Buehler in several different incidents "the tolerance of a safe distance" and that he was "warned verbally and directed by hand movements."

The joint statement also notes that the Travis County Attorney will "undertake efforts to discuss reasonable conduct with the Peaceful Streets Project so they have a clear understanding of our interpretation of the law."

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