Austin's latest officer-involved shooting could put the Travis County district attorney's brand new policy to the test.

District Attorney Margaret Moore announced Wednesday that she will no longer take every shooting case to a grand jury and be the one to decide which ones need the extra scrutiny.

Will that latest shooting involving Lawrence Parrish rise to that level? 

Parrish's lawyer, Rob Ranco, told KVUE's Amber Downing he is not happy with the way police handled the incident. And now his family is wondering why no cameras show what happened.

On April 7, police responded to a disturbance call for a man with a gun. Police responded and said Parrish came in and out of his home with a gun a couple of times. The third time he opened the door, police said Parrish raised the gun and pointed it at officers.

Initially, they said he shot first. But a few days later, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said they now believe he did not fire his weapon at officers.

While there is some dash camera video of what happened that night, Parrish's attorney, Ranco, wonders why there isn't more video evidence.

"If you were at crime scene for several hours, why would you choose to have no video surveillance, no video coverage, not one camera pointed at the doorway where were you know that's where something might happen," Ranco said.

And Ranco worries without more video footage, we may never know what really happened.

The family didn't want to publicly release a picture of Parrish just yet, but they did show it to KVUE's Downing.  Both of his arms are bandaged and his eye has a pool of blood in it.

Once Parrish is well enough to get out of the hospital, he will be taken to jail.

Moore's office said it's too early to comment on this case.