Some Pflugerville High School students and parents are upset over profane images and words that were written in baby powder on the football field.

One image captioned a big letter H with "5-0 We Run The Ville." The second image featured a drawing of the male anatomy. The third showed a curse word written on top of the word "ya'll."

"It's like a double punch in the stomach," said Mackenzie Duncan, a freshman at PHS.

The vandalism was too much for her, especially after Hendrickson High School beat the Panthers in the biggest rivalry of the year Friday night.

"Heartbreaking. It was definitely lots of tears," said Duncan.

Students say the obscenities added insult to injury. They found out what happened on Twitter on Saturday.

"It's a rivalry but it's supposed to be friendly, you know what I mean? And it was very disappointing to know they did that [when] they already won. What else do you need to do prove anything else," said Camrye Collins, a senior.

Friday was special for Collins because it was Senior Night.

"It's a pretty huge deal because it was our last home game but it's the last one we play Hendrickson," said Collins.

It was also her last performance at a home football game as Colonel, or head, of the Lady Panther Dance Team. Her proud father watched as he snapped pictures.

"I go to every single game and I'm actually the photographer of the dance team," said Robert Collins.

Collins believed the graffiti is just poor sportsmanship.

"Hey, we're 5 and 0 against you guys. Some inappropriate things were drawn on the field that's not great representation of either school or this nice city," said Collins.

Students also take great pride in Kuempel Stadium because this is where many football scenes from Friday Night Lights were filmed from 2006 to 2011. Now, they have another memory of the Pflugerville High School football field. It's one no one really cares to remember.

Pflugerville ISD Communication Director, Steve Scheffler, told KVUE that a person or persons committed the vandalism late Friday night and early Saturday morning. They left trash on the field and used baby powder to create the profane images. District personnel easily washed it off as soon as they discovered them on Saturday. Scheffler said the district is actively investigating the incident.