The Texas State Capitol steps filled once again with protestors for the “Not My President's Day Rally” on Monday.

Those involved said the current White House does not represent the values and morals of the American people -- the same message previous rallies have represented. The Women's March, protests against ICE, including the rally that happened the day after President Trump was officially sworn in, had the same theme.

However, organizers say this rally is not a march, instead, protesters simply met at the Capitol grounds and the floor will be open to anyone willing to share their voice on the issues and policies handed down by the administration.

"I encourage all my friends and family, if they are not happy with something, actually, voice it. These are the people that we have voted for. I know people in my generation are more online, who post things they get upset and go on rants-- but don't always take action." Organizer Amanda Barta said.

She says one goal for this rally is to educate people and get involved in ways they haven't before. Barta hopes this will encourage people to write letters to their local representatives because she believes progress is possible if people persist and resist.

"Everything we've had before the 60s, every time there was some kind of turmoil in the country-- there have always been protests, and yet there have always been people on the other side saying, 'Why don't you quiet down, it's just going to run its course.' But nothing ever runs its course, if you're loud enough, if we vocalize something enough, if you come together enough, things can change," Barta said.

This rally was set for noon at the Capitol and went on until 3 p.m.