AUSTIN — Now scooters can be found just about anywhere in Austin, and most of the time they're lying around. But one Northwest Austin couple woke up as people were trying to unload scooters where they have never been unloaded before and, where the couple thinks, they don't make sense.

The Harrison's said they normally wake up and see just trees out their window, but Wednesday morning around 5 a.m. someone was unloading things out of their car onto the street.

Flores, Rebecca

After Tony Harrison started to take pictures, the man packed everything back up. About 10 minutes later, another car came so Tony called the police to see if they knew what happened. Harrison said the cops then told the person they could not be dropped there and needed to take all the scooters with them.

A third person also came when the cops were there and were told the same thing according to Harrison. And finally in the afternoon a fourth person came.


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The Harrison's said they aren't upset, but they want people to be aware that this could happen to them too.

"If they are moving out into the communities as opposed to just being downtown, I don't think many people want to look out of their house and see a line of scooters," said Carol Harrison. "I would rather see the trees."

"If you see a lot of flashing lights and a someone running around looking like they're putting up a barricade, it's scooters, it's scooters alright," said Tony.

They believe that the higher demand for the scooters would be closer to downtown or higher foot traffic areas like the domain.

We reached out to Bird Scooters for any clarification on the issue and they said they could not.