Austin — There's a new dating app for the health conscious.

It's called Heart Rate Social. The app connects health and fitness people together for dating or working out.

Since its launch in September, some 1,500 members have signed up.

Instead of just looking at someone's physical appearance, Heart Rate Social profiles offer more.

"Sometimes healthy eaters need to find somebody that eats the way that they do too. If you're on a meal plan, maybe a Keto, or you're vegan, you really want to find somebody that eats the same way you do," said founder Chris VanBerg.

Priscilla Ostos, 29, recently moved back to Austin and joined Heart Rate Social. The owner of the female apparel line, LIVVSHAPE, said she has tried Heart Rate Social twice. So far, so good.

"You filter through so many options that you already know, hey, they're gluten intolerant or hey, they don't drink alcohol or hey, they love doing yoga and I love doing yoga, that's what I do," said Ostos.

The app is free and available on the Apple App Store.