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Neighbor raising money to fund summer trip for Austin bombing victim's family

A community is coming together to help raise money for the daughter of Austin bombing victim, Anthony House.

AUSTIN — Just a little more than two months have passed since Anthony Stephan House became the Austin bomber's first victim. And ever since then, his family has been trying to cope with the pain.

"It's been a struggle," House's younger sister Shaina told KVUE. "But, I mean, we've been getting better every day. It's been getting easier."

Perhaps what's been helping them cope is seeing the community coming together -- time after time.

"It makes a difference," House's brother Norrell Waynewood said. "It makes life a lot easier when there are people around you that you know that care about you, whether they've met you or not."

With the help of several local organizations, including RestPit and The Hippie House, House's next-door neighbor, Sean Philips, helped coordinate a benefit Sunday afternoon for House's wife and eight-year-old daughter at Empire Control Room & Garage in downtown Austin.

"While there's a lot of things taken care of for his daughter as far as trust funds and college funds, there was nothing immediate to kind of give her a bit of her childhood back after the bomber literally just stole it from out under her," Philips said.

Philips came to House's rescue on the morning of March 2 when he heard the explosion outside his home.

He wants to help send House's wife and daughter on a summer trip to a destination of their choice so they can make new, happy memories together.

"It's just beautiful to be able to help her," Philips said. "She's amazing little girl. I just feel really good that we can give something back to her."

It's this show of support that keeps Waynewood's family going.

"It's reaffirming, and it's a great show of humanity and how people care. And it's inspiring," Waynewood said.

And it's this show of humanity that inspired his movement to help others: #I'llHelp.

"Just seeing all these people ... they don't even know who I am. But they don't care who I am," he said. "They're here to help."

Waynewood told KVUE House's daughter and wife are eager to embark on this summer trip, but a destination has yet to be decided. All of the money raised at Philips' benefit will help pay for the trip.

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