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More than 1,000 scooters left on UT campus have been relocated

The University of Texas at Austin's Parking and Transportation Services has implemented new parking rules for the scooters left haphazardly across campus

AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas at Austin's Parking and Transportation Services has relocated more than 1,000 scooters, and impounded almost 700, since Jan. 22. 

If the scooters were relocated, this means they were left near a parking area but needed proper placement. 

In an email UT Austin sent students, they detailed that they will start impounding scooters that are improperly parked along campus malls and those that are "blocking sidewalks, impeding pedestrian accessibility or strewn in courtyards, doorways and stairwells." The email also said the charge to companies for impounded scooters is $150, and, "as a result, scooter companies may pass these fees along to responsible riders." 


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UT Austin eased into impounding scooters in order to give riders time to learn and follow the parking rules. Currently, UT is relocating more scooters than they are impounding. 

Behavior has started to change with scooter ridership. UT Parking and Transportation Services has noticed the impounds, and the number of scooters needing relocation, is steadily decreasing because scooter users are actively trying to comply with the new rules by parking at campus bike racks and the new scooter parking zones, rather than in the middle of sidewalks, lawns, buildings and other areas.  

UT does not fine for relocating scooters. However, UT fines the scooter companies up to $150 for scooters that are impounded. It is at the discretion of the scooter companies regarding what fee, if any, is then passed on to the rider, for the impounded scooters.

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