The Miracle Foundation held a Father's Day campaign by raising money for those without fathers.

Money raised will go toward buying sports and recreation equipment for abandoned children in 18 orphanages in rural India.

The Austin nonprofit organization provides food, clean water, clothing, schooling and medical care to the children.

More importantly, they give love to children.

"The first time I knew my work was making a difference in a child's life was the next time I went to an orphanage. The kids went from hungry and bald and dirty to healthier, have a little meat on their bones, their clothes were clean, they had hair, they were de-wormed, they were de-liced," said Caroline Boudreaux, the founder the Miracle Foundation. "We're trying to take care of the whole child. They don't have moms and dads that identify with them. They don’t have that. So that’s what we have to provide for them."

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