AUSTIN — A man was hit by a truck that started driving down IH-35 while he was still on the hood, according to an affidavit.

At approximately 12:18 p.m. on Nov. 17, in the 8500 block of N IH-35 southbound, a man stated he was driving his Toyota Prius near the Runberg Lane exit. He said he had been having issues with a green GMC Sierra truck that was swerving in and out of traffic.

The truck got behind his car and "tapped" it, damaging the rear bumper, separating it slightly from the back of the car.

The victim angled his vehicle to block the driver of the truck -- identified as 36-year-old Dustin Allen Haba -- from leaving the scene. The victim then got out of his car to talk to Haba and stood in front of Haba's truck.

Haba then accelerated forward. The victim jumped up and onto the hood of Haba's truck. Haba drove southbound on IH-35 and the victim rolled off the hood of the truck, onto the pavement.

Haba drove off and was followed by several witnesses, one of whom followed him to Capitol Wright Distribution. That witness provided the call taker with the location, and officers arrived on scene to arrest Haba.

That same witness was also able to place Haba behind the wheel of his truck when it struck the victim.

Haba told an Austin Police Department detective he was not driving the truck.

APD said Haba committed the offense of leaving the scene of a collision because he didn't stop or provide his information.