An Austin man has been arrested and charged with failure to stop and render aid in connection to a hit-and-run case, police said.

According to court documents, police arrived on scene Saturday at 12th Street and North Pleasant Valley Road to find a victim doubling over in pain with blood steadily flowing from his nose and mouth. Several teeth were reported missing from his face and there was a large, fresh bruise on the left side of his body just below his abdomen.

Police said the victim informed that he had a protected walk signal as he was walking northbound through the intersection when he was suddenly struck by a vehicle and the left side of his body and head hit the pavement.

The victim reported that a male subject emerged from a silver passenger car and asked if he was hurt and stated he needed to go back to his car but then drove away from the scene without providing his name or insurance information.

Police said they spoke with a witness who stated he saw a silver Honda strike Kelly at the protected intersection. He said he saw a man exit the vehicle, approach Kelly and ask if he wanted him to call 911. The witness said the suspect got back into his vehicle without calling 911, drove around Kelly, who was still lying in the intersection, and left the scene.

A license plate was found near the victim with identifying information that matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle, police said, and the address matched the address taken from a 911 caller who reported the incident and said his name was “Jared.”

Police said they visited the address on Lyons Road where they identified the suspected vehicle and its driver, who they identified as Dejuan Strong. Strong's description reportedly matched witness statements.

Police said Strong admitted to seeing a man lying in the middle of the intersection, but that he was unsure if the subject was on drugs or if he had been struck by a vehicle. He said the man was not providing much information so he got back in his car, dialed 911 and left.

Court documents state that Strong said he gave the name “Jared” because he did not want to provide his information, and he claimed that he did not strike Kelly with the vehicle, owned by a woman he identified as his girlfriend.

Police reported that the front bumper and hood of the vehicle were dusty and observed freshly cleaned spots with no dust and a smeared hand print consistent with the victim's hand sliding up the hood of the vehicle as he was struck.

Strong was arrested and charged with failure to stop and render aid and taken to the Travis County Sheriff's Office jail.