Austin Police have arrested a man they said was actively seeking help through anonymous chat services to rape a woman that he knew.

According to Austin Police, a lawyer told police that a client had been connected with someone on Omegle, an anonymous chat service, who said, “looking for someone to help me rape a girl I know. Interested?”

The two moved the conversation to and the suspect allegedly said the woman he planned to rape knew him. The person who was receiving the messages said he went to an attorney and felt a moral obligation to get police involved.

Austin Police said the user who was sending the messages on went by the username, “ATXgrad.” The holder of the account was identified as 27-year-old Blaine A. Mallon.

Police received screen shots of the conversation with the tipster that allegedly included information Mallon provided including: photos of the victim; victim’s home address; description of the victim’s car; the victim’s work hours; information about when the victim’s boyfriend is leaving town; and a statement that said, “She lives alone. Great Body. Very much a good girl mentality. Should be a lot of fun.”

According to police, Mallon told the tipster he needed help raping the woman because he was afraid she would recognize him. Mallon allegedly set the rape up for when the boyfriend was leaving town and had a plan set up to blindfold and gag the victim before he came into the apartment and then both would rape the woman.

Police met with the victim, her sister, and boyfriend and explained the information they had obtained. Police planned an undercover operation where an officer would take the place of the client and when the suspect came into the apartment, he would be taken into custody.

When Austin Police tried to contact “ATXgrad,” the message was not received and it was believed the user had deleted their account. Police had an officer in place of the victim on the date the intended rape was to take place out of precaution.

The victim gave a list of people to police who knew all or part of the information that was given to the tipster. Police said of all the potential suspects, Mallon was the only person who knew all of the information. Police subpoenaed information from Omegle and found the suspect used a T-Mobile phone to connect with the service. According to Austin Police, Mallon was the one of two possible suspects who had cell service with T-Mobile. The victim also said Mallon was related to her and was in close proximity to him on a regular basis.

Police interviewed Mallon and he said he learned about what was going on through the victim’s sister. As the interview continued, police presented the information they had found during the investigation and Austin Police said Mallon confessed he was the person who wanted to rape the victim in the chat conversations.

According to the arrest affidavit, when asked who someone would help rape the victim, Mallon stated it was a fantasy. Mallon allegedly told police that he wouldn’t hurt the victim. He further stated that he would have stopped the rape from happening by telling the other person the victim’s address was fake, according to APD.

Mallon face a second-degree felony charge of criminal solicitation.