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Lowering of lakes LBJ and Marble Falls extended to give more time to recover from Texas floods

After the October flood ravaged homes in Central Texas, those with property along lakes LBJ and Marble Falls now have the chance to start rebuilding.

CENTRAL TEXAS — Homeowners along lakes LBJ and Marble Falls finally have a chance to start rebuilding after the October flood.

Crews with the Lower Colorado River Authority began lowering the lakes on Sunday, Dec. 30 so residents can make repairs. On Jan. 4, the LCRA announced they will begin refilling the lakes on Feb. 24 as opposed to Feb. 19. This will give homeowners five more days to recover from the floods.

Lake LBJ will be lowered four feet by Jan. 9 while Lake Marble Falls will be lowered seven feet by Jan. 12.

A spokesperson with the LCRA told KVUE Sunday that the Starke Dam over Lake Marble falls will have one to two floodgates partially open. The Wirtz Dam over Lake LBJ will move water downstream through hydroelectric generation.

The water released will be moved downstream into Lake Travis.

According to a press release, the LCRA said there is no permit required for residential dock repairs during the drawdown, but it must comply with their safety standards for residential docks on the Highland Lakes. A permit is required for any work being done on retaining walls during the drawdown.

The lakes should be fully filled by Feb. 28.


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