We’re calling him Moses with the water.

"I’ve had to live with this name Moses for a long time, it took me a while to grow into," said Moses West. "It’s not lost on me."

This inspiring Austinite is trying to end drought. He has developed a technology that literally creates water out of thin air.

"It's a machine that is designed to take the H2O molecule out of the air, and that’s it," he said.

West, a former Army Ranger, recently founded the “Water Rescue Foundation” to put this technology in the hands of the people who need it most. First stop: Puerto Rico.

"This is a prime example of where this can be used," West said. "All the water in Puerto Rico has been contaminated. I don't want to celebrate the holidays when I know that so many Americans in Puerto Rico are going through this and I have a technology that can help them. This just doesn’t help your bottom line, this gives people hope."

Hope is something Puerto Ricans need, with most of the islands still without power and clean water after this hurricane season.

You may be asking yourself how this will work. Well, Moses thought of everything.

"When the unit is in Puerto Rico, there are two ways that you can power it," West said. "You can power it from the grid or you can power it from its own internal diesel engine. It is getting over 30 gallons of water per gallon of diesel."

You’re talking about a Christmas present for people who need it. Desperately.

"It's the least that we can do," West added. "The biggest response has come from the outlying areas, where FEMA hasn't reached them yet. No one's reached them. They found out about the KVUE interview and their relatives here contacted me. They were saying, 'Whatever you gotta do, please get the technology there.' This isn’t going to be over soon, this is going to be going on for years to come."

Despite all he's done for the people of Puerto Rico, West has remained humble.

"I never wanted to be famous for anything but if it's a legacy that will do some good, then I’ll take that," he said.

West greatly appreciates all the help he can get here. His goal is to raise about $15,000 to get a machine to Puerto Rico by Christmas. He then wants to continue his work and provide water to people all over the world, including those here in the U.S. who may have poor water quality or are in drought areas.

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