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Copperas Cove family says "Grinch" stole their tree, ornaments

The Saavedra family in Copperas Cove said someone took their tree, ornaments, photo album, military gear and tools from their backyard shed.

COPPERAS COVE, Texas — The Grinch does not just exist in movies. According to a local family, there is one right here in Central Texas. The Saavedra family in Copperas Cove said their tree and ornaments were taken from their shed. 

"I'm just hoping whoever stole it needs it more than we do," Ashley Saavedra said.

They said it happened early Monday morning. 

"I happened to look at the cameras and I saw like a little shadow, but I wasn't sure if it was a camera glitch or not," Ashley said. 

She said she told her husband she thought people were outside and said he said, "No, there's nobody outside". On Tuesday night they went outside to get the decorations to put them up and everything was gone from the shed.

"All of our Christmas ornaments, all of the baby first ornaments, the Christmas tree, everything was gone," Ashley said. 

She mentioned family photos, army equipment worth about $500 and about $250 worth of tools were also taken. The family said they filed a police report on Wednesday. 

She said her husband wanted to go through the shed and get a list of all that was missing. She also said they have a short fence in their backyard, with a lock on the shed. 

"It's very hard to open. It has a type of lock on it. Even without the lock, the slide is very hard to open. I actually have to have my husband open it because I can't open it myself," Ashley said. 

They have had tools stolen from their shed before when they were not living in the home but were storing them in the shed because it was a family home. She said they took a crowbar to the lock that time. 

She asked for the person or people that stole the items to return the baby's first ornaments and any handmade ornaments for the kids returned. 

"That's something you can't replace," Ashley said. 

They bought a new tree Wednesday night, but with times being tough, Ashley said it is another hit.

Crime Prevention Tips that may help deter a thief from Copperas Cove Police Captain Jeremy Alber:

  • Keep porch lights and exterior lights on during hours of darkness. Consider exterior lights or motion lights that are mounted high enough as to require a ladder to remove the bulbs
  • Secure vehicles, homes, sheds, outbuildings, with a locking mechanism.
  • Do not leave valuable property in vehicles overnight
  • Do not leave valuable property so it is visible through windows of homes and vehicles
  • Trim hedges and bushes to remove hiding places for criminals
  • Secure items that may assist a burglar in committing the act
  • Securely mark your property with owner applied numbers that will make the item harder to profit from sale
  • Consider installing home security cameras around the interior and exterior of the home
  • If the residence is going to be left unoccupied while on vacation, consider light timers to appear as though someone is home
  • Have a friend come by the house and stay for a time while you are away

You can reach Ashley at ashleysaav@gmail.com.

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