Lobos the lovable Narcotics K-9 Unit is back at it again with another drug bust.

On Thursday, Lobos and his trusty partner, Sargent Randy Thumann, stopped a vehicle and found 32 kilos of cocaine, Sheriff Keith Korenek of Fayette County reported.

Sgt. Thumann stopped the vehicle on Interstate 10 at the 659 mile-marker at around 2:43 p.m. for a traffic violation. From the conversation Sgt. Thumann had with the driver and passenger of the vehicle, he became suspicious that they may be involved in transporting illegal narcotics.

Lobos then conducted an exterior sweep of the vehicle and followed the odor to the car's seat. Sgt. Thumann and Investigator Smith located aftermarket compartments built into every seat of the car, and extracted approximately 32 kilos of cocaine, estimated at street value to be $3 million.

The driver, Cesar Garcia-Villalon, 20, and passenger, Paola Trejo-Gonzalez, 21, were charged with cocaine possession, and according to a press release are currently at the Dan R. Beck Justice Center.