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Liberty Hill Band students still together while playing apart

After not getting to play together, some of the Liberty Hill Band have been playing their fight song every day at noon.

LIBERTY HILL, Texas — With kids home from school, many are not getting to participate in the clubs and groups they were in.

But, in Liberty Hill, one group has found their way to be together while apart.

Everyone has a new routine nowadays and, for Colleen Bolin and her Junior High son, Parker, they knew they needed something to break up the day.

"It has been a challenge mainly to keep some routine," said Colleen.

"Sometimes it gets a little boring at some point, but this fight song has never been boring to me," said Parker. "It just keeps getting more and more exciting actually."

Every day at noon, Parker walks outside and plays his baritone euphonium. Every day, he's playing Liberty Hill's fight song.


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"A little thing to bring the community together," he said.

"So I got a reminder from one of our band parents that said, 'Hey, every day at noon, one of my neighbors in the neighborhood is going out and playing the fight song,'" said Band Director Jared Clarkson.

Once Clarkson and the other two band directors in Liberty Hill, Lisa Hill and John Perrin, heard about it, they wanted it to grow into something much bigger.

"We sent out a reminder out to everybody, you know, a text message saying, 'Hey, we want everyone to go out and play the fight song at noon,'" added Clarkson. "It just turned into a thing where everybody was going out to do it."

"It's been wonderful to just have this noontime porch gathering of this fight song, to just be able to be unified," said Colleen.

"I decided I'm going to play this one song every day and see where I get with it," added Parker.

Getting a new way to be together, even while apart, all starting with Parker's new routine. 

"It's just the thing I like to do the most," said Parker.


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