A social studies assignment that instructed some seventh-graders at Four Points Middle School to draw a picture of themselves as a slave "will not be taught again," a Leander ISD spokesperson confirmed to KVUE Monday evening.

The assignment was attached to the end of a homework lesson about the Civil War, Tonya Jennings, the mother of one of the seventh-graders, said.

Her husband complained to the school district about the assignment on Friday, a Leander ISD statement confirmed.

"For any parent out there, just make sure you speak up. Let them know that if it's not OK with you, it's not OK with your child, it's probably not OK with someone else's child," Jennings said.

Jennings and her husband returned to the school on Monday to meet with the school principal and the assistant principal.

"They both seemed very open to my concerns, so we discussed what they could do differently going forward," she said. "Because the assignment is already out there, they can't change anything now, but [the assistant principal] did say that they were willing to change not just the last page, but the entire Civil War curriculum."

A Leander ISD spokesperson did not confirm whether the district plans to rework the Civil War curriculum before the 2018-2019 school year.