LAKE TRAVIS, Texas — Flooding in the Texas Hill Country could bring the water level in one of Austin’s most popular lakes to a record level by the weekend.

In the last two days, the water in Lake Travis has risen more than 30 feet, with a forecast calling for the level to rise up to 12 more by Friday. That would tie the lake level record set in the winter of 1991. As of Wednesday evening, Lake Travis was reported to be more than 130 percent full.

Along some of the lake’s lowest points, two-story homes have water into the second levels, and docks not tended as the waters rose are yards offshore. Tuesday, Travis County Sheriff’s deputies urged people who live in the Graveyard Point community to pack what they could and get out. Wednesday, deputies shut the road into that neighborhood down, saying going in was too dangerous.

People with property along with shoreline have been watching the quickly rising water, Dan Janson among those, worries about their home.

“I’ve never seen it this high,” he said. “It’s come up 40-something feet, 24 feet in 24 hours.”


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As the water in the lake rises, Cheri Stringers worries too. If the water reaches the forecasted 710 feet, Lake Travis will be in her home, and three feet up the walls.

“Now it’s just deciding what we want to save, what we have time to save,” she said.

Stringer and her husband are leaving home Wednesday night, worried rising water will cut off the road to higher ground.

The lake level had been low for much of the summer, that has changed in just a matter of days. On a lake designed to hold 30 extra feet of flood water, by Friday, that flood buffer could be down to just two.