If you live in the Cedar Park area and love Whole Foods, you won't have to drive to Austin to get it.

365, a Whole Foods branch, will be opening its doors Wednesday. The store aims to give customers lower prices in a more grab-and-go sort of way.

365 is located at The Parke shopping center near U.S. 183 in Cedar Park. It's 30,000 square-feet, and can fit in a Juiceland and an Easy Tiger bakery.

Here's what you can expect.

There will still be local and national brands there, but 40 percent of the stock is the 365 store brand, compared to the 10 percent at the regular Whole Foods Market.

You'll find more pre-packaged meals, a walk-in cooler for vegetables as well as a Taqueria. And there's a special wine and beer kiosk that helps you choose which beverage is right for you.

KVUE compared a few basic grocery items from 365 to Trader Joe’s. Here's what we found: