AUSTIN -- The owner of an East Austin piñata store demolished earlier this year claims contractors violated a March court order halting further construction there.

Sergio Lajarazu, owner of Jumpolin Piñata Store, filed the order in March to block all construction and activities on the property. He claims construction on the Blue Cat Café violates that order.

Jumpolin was demolished Feb. 12, 2015 after property owners said they gave the store notice. The owners said they had no idea the building was coming down.

"This is a slap in the face to the East Austin community by F & F [Real Estate Ventures] who continue to violate and skirt the law and do whatever they want and we're very upset," said Susana Almanza.

Austin police investigated reports of the piñata store selling stolen bikes in May 2014. Lejarazo was charged with theft by appropriation.

The landlord of the store, Jordan French, was dismissed from his company Status Lab in March following the demolition.