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It's so hot it feels like Austin is melting. Let's experiment!

With near-record heat Tuesday, the KVUE crew felt like they were melting. So, why not experiment?

AUSTIN, Texas — With near-record temperatures above the 100-degree mark across Central Texas on Tuesday, many of us were afraid to take a step outside. 

In fact, some Austinites said they felt like they were melting – for a few good reasons:

  • Tuesday marked day 21 of triple-digit heat this year
  • Tuesday marked the ninth 100-degree day in a row
  • Elevated humidity produced heat index values ranging from 105 to 110 degrees throughout the week
  • Very little rain is in the forecast as we roll through August

So, stuck indoors, some members of the KVUE felt like doing a little experiment. 


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While people can't really melt in this weather, plenty of things certainly can. But what will melt the fastest?

We decided to put a few objects to the test:

  • Candy bars (a Reece's, a Twix, a Snickers, and a 3 Musketeers)
  • Cosmetics (a regular tube of Chapstick, a tube of Revlon "Ravish Me Red" lipstick, and a tube of Revlon "Choco-Liscious" lipstick)
  • Cheese (Kraft singles and generic string cheese)
  • Number birthday candles (24 for KVUE, of course)

So, what do you think will melt the fastest? Watch the experiment play out below to find out.

And when you're done, check out our colorful Crayon experiment from a couple years back!

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