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'It jumps into your emotions.' Witness describes domestic disturbance on Loop 360

What started as domestic dispute ended with a man being shot by police after he threatened to shoot them.

AUSTIN, Texas — A domestic disturbance in the middle of Loop 360 ended with police shooting and killing the man involved. One witness who saw it all happen spoke with KVUE Monday night.

Austin police said calls came in a little before 5:15 Sunday night about a man driving into oncoming traffic then chasing down a woman on the highway before running off himself. 

Dashcam video along with cell phone video caught what happened. We put those videos at the bottom of this story to warn viewers that some of them might be disturbing. 

As of Monday evening, we know the suspect is a 45-year-old Hispanic male and the victim is a 44-year-old Hispanic female who, as of Sunday night, was in the hospital in serious but non-life-threatening condition. 


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"Seeing him plow into those cars and headed towards my dad's truck, uh, you know I was like – I knew something was about to happen," said Stephen Hernandez, who was driving home from Lake Travis with his dad and his dad's girlfriend Sunday evening. 

What they saw was completely unexpected.

"All of a sudden I hear ... he's just screeching on his brakes," said Hernandez. "We just thought it was like a fender bender or something and all of a sudden we see the Land Rover come opposite way of traffic."

Credit: Stephen Hernandez
Land Rover that Stephen Hernandez says was driven by the suspect

His dad saw what was happening first and jumped out of their truck to help.

"His girlfriend told me to go help him and then that's when I started to notice there was a domestic disturbance of some sort," said Hernandez.

The videos show a woman running in traffic to get away from a man but he grabs her and pulls her out of the camera shot.  When Hernandez got to the scene with her dad, he started filming.

"I jumped out to see what's going on and then, you know, I said I better get at least some footage of who this guy is," said Hernandez. 

Up close you can see the suspect holding down the woman.

The man in the white button-down standing over them is Hernandez's dad. He and about 10 others surrounded the couple.

"It jumps into your emotions, you know, that's a human being you don't want to see hurt in front of anybody, really," said Hernandez. 

The man would later escape and run into the woods nearby. Officers found him and, after he threatened to shoot them, they fired. The man later died. 

Hernandez said he and the others did what they thought they had to do.

"It's hard trying to intervene in somebody's marriage but when other people's lives are in danger that has nothing to do with your marriage, that's kind of how you know when the line is drawn," said Hernandez.

Below are the videos.

WARNING: Some of the content may be disturbing.


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