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Is there any water at the Greenbelt? This new app will tell you

Ever find yourself wondering if there's water before heading to the Greenbelt? Thanks to a recent UT grad, you don't have to wonder anymore.

When Austinites head out to the Barton Creek Greenbelt to hang out in the water, they typically ask passersby on the trail whether there's water.

Now, Greenbelt-goers can take the guessing work out of their plans. It's all thanks to a new app called "Greenbelt Now" that a recent University of Texas grad has created.

"I feel like everyone has had that experience where they're like ready to go -- they have all their water, their bathing suit, their sunscreen and they get there and it's dry," Serena Nguyen, the creator of the app, said.

Serena Nguyen developed the app, Greenbelt Now, at the end of May. Greenbelt now uses data from United States Geological Survey water gauges to determine water level and flow.

"Water level, you have to take into consideration as well as the flow, because I know last year there were a lot of issues with like, the water flow was too high and that was very dangerous," Nguyen said.

The site tells you whether the level and flow are safe.

"Didn't expect all the positive response," Nguyen said. "It was just like a small app, an extremely simple app, that's not very complex at all."

Perhaps it isn't too complex, but she's only been coding since March.

"I have no background in coding," Nguyen said. "And so in three months I made an app that people are looking at."

Nguyen isn't done with it just yet. Her next steps are to connect the locations to Google Maps.

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