A local insurance company is using virtual reality technology to train their employees.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company is using “Safety in a Box” and its accompanying app to allow employees to experience four different construction site accidents. These included being caught in a collapsing trench, touching an active electrical line, falling from a ledge and being struck by a falling object.

“You really get the panicked reactions, you get the action of the fall, you get to look around and see it in every direction,” Texas Mutual Insurance Company spokesperson Jeremiah Bentley said. “It’s really an experience you can’t get any other way.”

“Safety in a Box” uses Google Cardboard viewers. Users can download the app in Spanish or English, and is free on Android and iOS platforms.

Employees at Texas Mutual said they’re hoping this type of virtual technology will help keep viewers involved and educate them about workplace safety in an engaging and interactive way. So far, they've distributed 200 boxes, but the company plans to distribute about 4,000 more to construction companies across the state. Each box costs about $10 to produce.

Their goal is to reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Go here to learn more about the campaign and Safety in a Box.