AUSTIN, Texas — The IndyCar series was at the Circuit of the Americas this past weekend.

But before all the drivers left town from all the fast cars and the fun, one of them stopped by a local school to talk about STEM – which stands for science, technology, engineering and math – and how it's used in racing.

The talk was meant to inspire kids to learn about STEM jobs within racing.

Zach Veach is a race car driver who works with a program called Endeavor. He spoke at Austin's Paredes Middle School on Monday.

"You start realizing whether you're rock climbing or going to the supermarket you're using these techniques, so for me just sharing with kids how important these are and how you're going to be using them in everyday life is important," said Veach.

Veach said he talks about how pit crews use engineering and tech to work on cars. He said it helps kids see how often we use STEM lessons in everyday life.

Veach also talked about aerodynamics and safety technology. He said he hopes he inspired some future racers and fans today.


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