In Other News: Trying to feel drawn somewhere
In Other News is a segment where we cover stories 'we don't normally get to.' This time we follow some who are searching for spirits in a San Marcos cemetery.
Author: Hank Cavagnaro, Paul Livengood
Published: 10:49 PM CDT October 3, 2019
Updated: 10:49 PM CDT October 3, 2019
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SAN MARCOS, Texas — "'In Other News" is a new KVUE segment where stories that normally don't have time to make air are told. 

KVUE went on a journey through a cemetery in San Marcos, following along those searching for the paranormal. 


In Other News: Trying to feel drawn somewhere

Chapter 1

"The reason we picked this cemetery is it's also called 'crybaby cemetery'"

In a place where most people don't want to go to, there's a group searching for what most people don't want to find. 

"Where some people walk away, we go towards it," Frank Gonzales, leader of the San Marcos Area Paranormal Society, said.

The group started five years ago. Frank, his sister, Irma, and his wife, Norma, first went to a house they thought had paranormal activity. After that, they started a Facebook page documenting their adventures. Now they have a full team, all with different gifts, to go investigate possible hauntings.

They packed some paranormal activity gear and cameras with night vision attachments on them.

Ghost hunting gear ION
Hank Cavagnaro

"We try to get some answers for people who are too afraid to go on their own or don't want to face it so we try to get the answers for them," Gonzales said. "The reason we picked this cemetery is it's also called 'crybaby cemetery.'" 

Gonzales said there are a lot of babies and young children buried at the San Pedro Cemetery.  As the group searched the grounds, they know how spirits can affect electronics.

"Usually, you start having electrical problems as you start passing by," Gonzales said.


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Each person has their own special ability or gift that contributes to the paranormal search. Gonzales watched from afar as members of the group strolled the grounds they believe to be haunted.

"I think it's going to go pretty well," Gonzales said. "I think they're picking up on some things already."

The San Marcos Area Paranormal Society showed us their EMF devices, which pick up paranormal activity and spike from green to red on the meter when a disturbance is detected. 

EMF device
Hank Cavagnaro

"The more we walk around, the more we'll see if we pick up on anything," Gonzales said to a fellow member of the group.

Chapter 2

"Someone just grabbed my hand..."

They're here searching for spirits – souls who are trapped. The group has been doing searches like this one for the past five years.

They use a wide variety of tools to better communicate ... with more than just each other.

"So, it's actually sweeping radio stations that will pick up voices," Irma said.

They search for the answers for what might go unexplained.

"Was that a no," Irma asked while scanning for voices.

Members walked through the cemetery and some felt unexplainable presences among them.

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"There's that heaviness again," Mary Lancaster said.

Some in their group, like Lancaster, feel a deeper connection.

"Someone just grabbed my hand," she said.

Lancaster describes herself as a medium. While she can "hear" spirits, it's not an audible voice like we might assume.

"It's almost like somebody’s taking over my thought processes and I'm hearing my own thoughts, but it's not me," Lancaster said. 

They use these gifts to help some move on. They're feeling a young boy and grandmother. Lancaster and Sydney Reyes believe the spirits are trapped.

Rita Greene's gift is to help spirits cross over into the afterlife. 

"Most spirits want to move on, these people already told you they do," Greene said.

Greene, Lancaster and Reyes joined hands to pray.

Prayer Circle ION
Hank Cavagnaro

"Anyone on the other side that are their guides and their angels help them join them again to be together where God intended," Greene said. "Go home, we see you go home."

"That's so cool. I've never done that with you before, Rita," Lancaster said after the prayer.

They do it because there are people, like ones in the San Marcos Area Paranormal Society, who look for things others don't want to find in the places that some don't want to go.

Why, you ask?

To find answers ... and help those we don't see.


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