A Cedar Park family is at a loss for words after their community came together to help make their little boy's dream come true. The surprise that 7-year-old Luke Cardwell has been waiting over a year for.

After 16 weeks of designing and planning, 5 hours of building, Luke Cardwell will have his dream clubhouse
It was made possible with the help of iFly, who partnered up with Make-A-Wish.

"Give back in a small way especially given what the family has gone through and what they go through on a daily basis,” IFLY Director of Marketing Chris Miller said.

Luke has ALD, or Adrenoleukodystrophy, a genetic disorder. It's when the brain's protective layer is destroyed, it can create problems with muscles, vision and speech.

Luke had a bone marrow transplant three years ago and is doing well.

His mother says the 11-and-half-foot home is just what he needed.

"What everyone has done to make this day possible is amazing,” Luke’s mother Jennifer Cardwell said.

It's equipped with a look-out, a secret door and a slide for a quick get-a-away.

"I like the rock wall to get up there and the trap door that you get up from the ladder,” Luke said.

iFLY says the average wish costs about $7,500 to fulfill.