AUSTIN — Last year, a Cedar Park man's ex-girlfriend accused him of carving an "X" into her chest with a box cutter -- an accusation that almost sent him to prison for 99 years.

Now, she's the one facing jail time.

On Tuesday, Bell County authorities charged 19-year-old Faith Cox with making a false report to police, after she accused Cristopher Precopia of assault.

faith cox mugshot_1543960172374.png.jpg

She faces up to 180 days in jail after authorities say she made up her claim.

KVUE News first revealed Precopia's story last month, touching off a wave of public support for him.

"She's not a person in my life anymore," Precopia said in an interview, after learning about the charge against Cox. "I'm finally done with her. And I can move on with my life and feel great about it."

On the night in 2017 when Cox reported Precopia assaulted her, he was more than 60 miles away in Austin at an event with his mother. He and his attorney obtained sworn statements from multiple people with him when the alleged crime happened.

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Then, his mother also realized that he had posed in a selfie with her and several of their friends minutes before Cox said the alleged crime happened in Temple.

Bell county prosecutors dropped the charge against Precopia when they learned about the evidence.

After KVUE reported about the case, law enforcement opened an investigation into Cox's actions, leading to the charge against her Tuesday.

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"I want her to realize the pain she has caused me," Precopia said.

He said that he wants to join the Navy now that the case against him has been dismissed. He also said he wants to start a non-profit to help others who are wrongly accused.

Precopia said he hopes to one day heal from what happened.

"It's going to be a long journey, but I hope to get to a good end point," he said.

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