PFLUGERVILLE — An inspiring 9-year-old girl is fighting for her life and the Pflugerville community is rallying behind her.

Camryn Escobedo is the daughter of a Pflugerville police officer who was diagnosed with a rare blood disease back in April.

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Hundreds of people gathered Saturday in hopes of finding a match for Camryn's bone marrow transplant.

"It tears your heart into two because you want your child to live and thrive," said Bianca Hernandez, whose daughter Yasmin once battled the same rare blood disease called Aplastic Anemia.

"When someone feels better, it makes me happy that they're better," Yasmin said. She was diagnosed when she was only six years old. That's three years younger than Camryn.

Yasmin was wearing a pink shirt that said 'Girls Support Girls.'

"I got this shirt because I wanted her to see it," Yasmin said, "but because she can't, I'll just write it on a card for her."

Yasmin was writing a letter to be delivered to Camryn, who is currently in the hospital.

"I just want them to keep the hope and let them know they're not alone," her mother Bianca said. "I'll be by their side for whatever they may need or questions they may have."

Hundreds of friends, neighbors and supporters are working tirelessly to find a match for Camryn's lifesaving bone marrow transfusion.

"When I see Camryn, I see my little girl," said Helena Wright, public information officer for the Pflugerville Police Department. "As a parent, think about how you would feel if you were in that situation," Wright explained.

"It's amazing and there are no words to explain it," Yasmin said.

It's a humbling sight for Yasmin to see so many people rally behind Camryn, just like they once did for her.

"Don't lose hope and don't stop believing," she said.

The group was able to raise more than $10,000 at this fundraiser and dozens of people tested their bone marrow hoping one of them is a match for Camryn.

If you'd like to find out if you can help Camryn, join Be The Match. You can also donate blood for Camryn's blood treatments through We Are Blood. She is O positive.