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Hundreds attend run to honor Sgt. Chris Kelley

Normal days no longer exist for Michele Kelley.

Normal days no longer exist for Michele Kelley.

Friday was the one year anniversary of when Michele lost her husband, Hutto Police Sgt. Chris Kelley. He died in the line of duty on June 24, 2015 after being run over by his own vehicle.

"It's an adjustment everyday. The kids and I, my two kids and I, it just really depends on the day," said Kelley. "Yesterday was a really hard day."

Because of that, Kelley said she wanted the first Chris Kelley 5K Run/Walk to be fun, and about more than just her husband.

"We're honoring for everybody, all the fallen officers," said Kelley.

Hundreds gathered to release blue balloons for Sgt. Kelley and others who are no longer with us.

The two Kelley children, Nathan and Kenzie, ran the kids one mile run. Both finished and hugged mom.

The large turnout at the event was part of the Hutto community's continued support for the Kelley family.

"It's been overwhelming, but in a wonderful way, because there are so many people that want to help and give. They've shown that to my family and I in the last year. It's truly an honor to know how many people Chris touched in their lives," said Kelley.

Whether they ran or walked while holding big pictures of Sgt. Kelley, everyone showed up to honor him, which surprised Kelley.

"I knew my husband was special, I thought my husband was special, I didn't know the world and Hutto thought my husband was special," said Kelley.

So special that Kelley said she has not felt alone, not even for a single moment, since her husband died. The Hutto mom raising two children by herself said she knows her husband is smiling down right now, proud that his community turned out for his family.

Organizers hope to make the Chris Kelley 5K Run/Walk an annual event.

Meantime, Colby Ray Williamson is charged in Sgt. Kelley's murder. His trail was supposed to take place in August, but the case transferred judges and pushed back the trial.

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