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Can you drink alcohol after the COVID vaccine? Why doctor’s say it depends on how much

Research suggests moderate alcohol consumption can actually help the immune system where as heavy drinking is harmful, so where do you draw the line?

If you plan on celebrating getting your coronavirus vaccination, you may want to avoid partying too hard. 

Let's connect the dots.

Moderate alcohol supports immunity

Doctors have already said a moderate amount of alcohol is probably safe before or after you get your coronavirus vaccine. There hasn't been research on how it interacts with the COVID-19 shots, but medical experts don't expect it to be a concern. 

In fact, studies have suggested small amounts of alcohol can actually benefit your immune system by reducing inflammation.

Heavy alcohol hurts immunity

However, when it comes to heavier alcohol consumption the story changes. 

According to the New York Times, doctors are not recommending drinking excessively around the time of your vaccination. That's because heavy drinking, especially over the long term, can hurt your immune system, which needs to be up and running for the vaccine to do its thing.

Men two drinks, women one drink

So what's the difference between moderate and heavy drinking? Moderate for men is two drinks a day, and only one drink for women. Heavy drinking for men is four or more drinks a day versus three or more for women. Which is why you might want to keep that celebration on the small side.

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