AUSTIN, Texas — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association is vitally important to the success of our climate and weather forecasts here in the U.S. 

The organization was created on Oct. 3, 1970, and has evolved throughout its almost 50-year history with more sophisticated and robust technology. 

Here's a look at some of the reasons why the organization is so critical. 

1: That's how many minutes it takes for a high-definition image to be transmitted to forecasters and emergency responders. 

16: That's the number of satellites currently in operation in space necessary for capturing and transmitting back to earth. 

26: That's the number of terabytes of data archived each month. 

76: That's the amount (in billions) of observations collected annually. 

165: The number of endangered species the organization is responsible for conserving and recovering. 


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197: The highest wind speed (in knots) measured from NOAA's hurricane hunter planes. 

321: That's the number of active-duty NOAA corporate officers.

1,435: Unmanned aircraft system flights in 2019. 

Lastly, prepare yourselves for this whopper. 

1.3 trillion: The number of dollars in goods shipped annually in waters supported by the NOAA navigation services. 

Let's all remember this esteemed organization that helps to keep us safe and secure ahead of their 50th anniversary. 


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