AUSTIN, Texas — A mass shooting occurred on Saturday in El Paso when a gunman went into a Walmart and killed 22 people.

Many others were also injured in the incident leaving multiple victims and families of lost loved ones. 

So, how can you help from more than 575 miles away?

First of all, We Are Blood is hosting a blood drive on Monday to honor the El Paso and Dayton communities.


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We Are Blood said they are ready to send aid to El Paso if needed.

The blood drive is taking place between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by the Capitol at Colorado Street, between 12th and 13th streets.

You can also make a financial donation to the El Paso Shooting Victims' Fund, which was set up by the El Paso Community Foundation.

The funds are expected to help families of those affected by the tragedy that occurred on Saturday.

According to the El Paso Community Foundation, FirstLight Federal Credit Union has announced they will match the next $25,000 that is donated.

The Paso Del Norte Community Foundation has also created a website that will accept monetary donations that support victims and their families

You can visit Paso Del Norte Community Foundation's El Paso Victims Relief Fund to donate online.

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Finally, you can share resources for victims and their families on social media. If you or someone you know feels like they may need counseling following the deadly shooting, the Crisis Text Line is available 24/7. Just text "HOME" to 741741 for help from a trained crisis counselor.

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