UPDATE: The bond has been secured and the permit has been issued for the house's removal, the City of Austin's transportation department confirmed Tuesday.

ORIGINAL STORY: Residents in South Austin have an unwanted burden blocking a part of a roadway and creating traffic problems.

"As my husband said - measure twice, move once!" said Austin realtor Sherri Mitchell.

Friday night a vacant home became lodged in between East Live Oak street just off South Congress, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Neighbors said a moving company was attempting to move the house from a lot when it became stuck.

"He originally made the left turn, and then he was trying to back up to Congress. I was talking to the owner, he said he couldn't make the right turn because of the fire hydrant there so that was sort of their logic. And I think it's a little bit wider on the backside - those areas that are hanging out,” said resident Mike Hollis.

Hollis added it was a disaster waiting to happen.

"It was pretty clear to everybody that there was just really no way they were going to get that thing all the way up the hill to South Congress," he said.

Other residents state they're now concerned about the inconvenience, and the prospect other complexes will try to use the abandoned lots near their homes.

"The unintended result of urban density is you get one lot with two, four, six cars," said Ed Sapir, whose driveway became blocked when workers put up road closed signs.

Austin Energy came to work on nearby power lines Sunday after some neighbors began complaining about brief internet and power outages.

The Austin Mobility Department said the house is likely to be stuck for a few days and are asking drivers to plan for detours.

Authorities haven't said yet whether or not the moving company will face a penalty or citation.