AUSTIN, Texas — Another state leader is criticizing the City of Austin’s policies on homelessness.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has blamed the homeless for smashing up his vehicle on Tuesday morning.

He tweeted he was parked downtown near a homeless camp when his vehicle was vandalized.

A picture showed the driver's side window completely shattered, with pieces of glass are everywhere. A second picture showed what looks like a rock on the floor mat.

“The safety of our city is a concern,” he wrote. “This isn't San Francisco. Lawlessness is not the answer.”

Gov. Greg Abbott has frequently blamed violence in Downtown Austin on the city’s homeless rules, echoing Bush’s message.

In June of last year, the Austin City Council lifted a ban on homeless camping, sitting and lying. But in October 2019, councilmembers reversed many of those rules, adding new restrictions and banning camping on all sidewalks.

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The Austin Police Department could not confirm the details of the incident and whether there was any suspect.

KVUE reached out to Bush’s office on Tuesday but has not received a response.


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