A new housing community is giving some people a chance to afford an apartment in an area of Austin they normally might not be able to.

Foundation Communities' Bluebonnet Studios officially opened this month in the vibrant South Lamar neighborhood. The average rent for an apartment in this area comes to about $1,000 a month, but at Bluebonnet Studios that average is cut in half.

"We raised a lot of money to build Bluebonnet Studios from housing tax credits from the city of Austin, but also a lot of private support," Foundation Communities Director Walter Moreau said. "We don't have a mortgage."

Moreau said the apartment complex is already at capacity. Among the residents are 22 veterans, 22 chronically homeless, 10 musicians and six foster youths.

Robert Robb is one of the veterans. He said after serving in more countries than he can count, he's had some issues reintegrating into society.

"I was diagnosed with bipolar depression," Robb said. "What the doctors have told me is that it was triggered by some events in the service."

He said in Bluebonnet Studios, he's found stability for the first time in his life.

"I'm just so fortunate," Robb said. "For a guy that had no hope, it's come 180."

He said one of the things that have really helped him is the free social services the complex offers.

"We've got staff here to help," Moreau said. "There's a food pantry on site, a fitness center. These are things to help people get back on their feet."

Only people who make less than $27,000 thousand a year qualify to live in the 107 unit efficacy apartment complex for single adults.