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Common superstitions your abuela probably told you in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

For Hispanic Heritage Month, here are some of the top Hispanic superstitions we all grew up believing.

AUSTIN — Many Hispanics grew up hearing their fair share of locuras that every abuela insisted were the truth.

And we all know these superstitions can't possibly be real, but we still believe them -- and fear them!

Here are some of the top Hispanic superstitions we all grew up believing.

Never place your purse on the floor. Placing your bag on the floor will cause you to lose money, have bad luck with money. It's also a great way to get bacteria all over your bag)

Itchy palms mean money is in your future. If your palm itches don’t scratch it! Don't even try to relieve it but rubbing it on a table or doorknob or anything. This means money is in your future! So just embrace the burn. It will pay off soon.

Put a broom upside down behind a door. It’s warding off unwanted visitors and energy. So next time you don't want the in-laws to stop by, see if this will do the trick.

Don't sweep a single woman's feet. Make sure you stay away from single women the next time you sweep the floor. If you sweep her feet she'll never ever get married!

Eat 12 grapes before midnight on new years eve. For each grape you eat, you make a wish for each month of the year.

Run around the block with a suitcase on new years eve. This will grant you a full year of travel.

Don't buy family or friends knives or scissors as a gift. This means that the relationship will be broken. So think again about that set of knives you bought as a wedding present!

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