"They say you should never meet your heroes," Lady Gaga uttered to a sold out Frank Erwin Center. "Well, that's too bad, because I just met one of mine."

It was only one of the many messages the pop star had for her thousands of Texas fans who packed the Austin stadium Tuesday night for the Joanne World Tour. However, this fan got the memory of a lifetime.

After picking up a note tossed onto the stage, Lady Gaga took a moment to stop the show, unfold the piece of paper and read the message -- one that painted a picture of mutual struggles. In the letter, the girl opened up about her chronic pain and credited Lady Gaga, who recently opened up about her own battles with fibromyalgia, for saving her life.

She quickly admitted to saving all of her fan letters in a room at home, hopped off the stage, autographed the fan's tattoo, fought back emotions and hopped into her recent hit "The Cure."

Despite several costume changes, pyrotechnics, countless lights and lasers, and a highly technical stage design, somehow Lady Gaga was able to keep bringing attention back to her fans, one of which was able to bring her to tears and inspire an emotional moment of storytelling.

Between songs, the "Born This Way" singer spotted a painting rising above the crowd, which urged her to stop the show and accept the gift from her fan -- a gift she felt the need to share with the crowd.

"She's from Texas and she was really strong. And the other night was the first time I've been to Houston since she passed away," Lady Gaga said as she choked back tears. "So if I'm being really honest, I had a real introspective and difficult couple of days missing my girlfriend."

The gift was a painting of the pop star with Sonja, a friend Lady Gaga said she used to work with, including during her 2017 Super Bowl performance in Texas.

"But she was strong, I tell you, way stronger than me," she said over the crowd. "I know that she's here with me right now, and I know she would want me to dry my tears and get on with the show, because that's just who she was. ... So Sonja, girl, I thought about you all day, and I think about you every day, and this one's for you."

She then dedicated an acoustic performance of "Edge of Glory" to her friend as cell phone lights popped up across the stadium in waves.

Paying tribute to her fans -- and friends -- mid-set wasn't the only time Lady Gaga gave back while touring through Texas. According to posts on her social media accounts, the singer also took some time to team up with Team Rubicon to volunteer with the demolition of a Hurricane Harvey victim's home damaged from mold.

The singer wrapped up her night in Austin with a much smaller -- and less publicized -- show at the Austin blues club Antone's.

Gaga knows Austin.

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The Texas dates on the Joanne World Tour, named in honor of the star's late aunt as well as her 2016 album that features an iconic pink cowboy hat, wrap up in Dallas on Friday.

As for Austin? She didn't forget to leave the city with her gratitude.

"Hey, Austin, Texas," Lady Gaga said over a roaring crowd. "Thanks for letting me borrow your hat."