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'He’s always been an inspiration to me': Anthony House's brother shares his memories

Anthony House was killed in the first package explosion. On Wednesday, KVUE spoke with House's brother about the memories shared between them.

Anthony House was killed in the first explosion on March 2nd.

On Wednesday, House's brother, Norrell Waynewood, said he can still remember the moment he found out his brother was killed.

“Mom called me with tears in her voice, and she's the type of woman who doesn't cry. She's strong, she's her son's mother,” Waynewood said.

Waynewood remembered his brother and best friend as “a loving person.”

“That's how we met, that's how we became best friends, and that's eventually how I became brother once he and mom took me in,” he said.

Waynewood grew up in a foster home.

“I used to get ridiculed for the clothes I wore because I was in a foster home. He would take his clothes that his mom bought and give them to me so I could wear them to school,” Waynewood remembered. “She just found that out a few weeks ago. She was like ‘all those years,’ they took me in and became my family.”

Waynewood said everyone was still in shock after learning the news about the dead suspect of the Austin bombings.

“There's still a sense of fear, there still a sense of trepidation, no one has actually had a chance to grieve yet because there is so much ongoing, ongoing, continuing in fear, and I don't think everyone or anyone feels totally secure yet,” Waynewood said.

Waynewood said while he still worries about his family’s safety, he’s thankful for those who risked their lives to help.

“I'm so grateful for those who have helped, I'm so grateful for the neighbors who rushed to his side immediately, without any consideration for their own safety to help him to help my niece immediately,” Waynewood said. “They never thought twice about running to danger, it kind of reinforced my belief in the compassion of humanity, generally.”

House’s father, Elliot House, also released a statement that said the family is still mourning the loss. He also thanked law enforcement for their hard work.

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