AUSTIN — Waterloo Trail is normally a quiet and pristine neighborhood in South Austin, but it is now home to an eyesore. Neighbors are calling it an illegal junkyard.

"There's been stuff in my driveway when I'm coming home from work. Sometimes my driveway's been blocked by vehicles as well, so yeah, it's kind of a nuisance too," said Douglas Fisher.

Fisher lives next door.

"The neighbors around here, we're not, you know, mean people or vicious people but it's a kind of a safety hazard," said Fisher.

People in the neighborhood say that in the middle of the night, Rob Avra leaves in his truck and comes back with more stuff, which ends up in his yard.

"He runs a junkyard business. And we all know that," said Fisher.

KVUE spoke with Avra himself and when I asked where all of this stuff came from and why, he had this to say:

"Because I'm moving. That's the only reason stuff is out here right now ... move has just been taking longer than I thought it was gonna take."

Rob said the property manager wanted the items gone two months ago.

But it has been longer than two months since neighbors first complained. Ten complaints were made just today. Neighbors say it's an ongoing issue.

"And the stuff used to be in the backyard," said Fisher. "Which, you know, for the rest of us, we were kind of like that's fine. Then it started moving into their front yard and then eventually into the street, and he did post some yard sale signs probably two months ago and kept those up quite a long time."

The City of Austin Code Department does not have an exact number on how many illegal dumping citations there are annually, but there is a process that neighborhoods can go through in order to report an issue.

To learn more about how to file concerns with the city, click here.